Titles can be seen above a username to show what skill level they are, which helps players recognize other players' capabilities. They are unlocked by achieving experience points through the needs of certain skills, and each faction has it's own unique set of titles. Levels do not transfer from faction to faction.

Source Level 0-1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9 Level 10
Kingdom of Whitecrest Commoner Merchant Sir Lord Count Duke
Verdantine Sovereignty Prole Comrade Senior Comrade Foreman Magnate Aristocrat
Verner Expedition Cadet Ensign Lieutenant Commander Captain General
Blackwind Pirates Blackwind Recruit Scallywag Swashbuckler Buccaneer Marauder Scourge
Timber-Felling - Novice Lumberjack Lumberjack Adept Lumberjack Axe Fiend Tree Killer
Mining - Novice Miner Miner Adept Miner Prospector Metal Detector
Crafting - Apprentice Blacksmith Journeyman Blacksmith Master Blacksmith Artisan Engineer
Gunnery - Powder Boy Gunner Marksman Dead-Eye Human Kraken
Fishing - Novice Fisherman Fisherman Adept Fisherman Angler Master Baiter
Swordsmanship - - - - - -
Marksmanship - - - - - -

Title Description
Entomologist Awarded for those who tested Tradelands during Beta.
Exploiter Awarded by hitting an enemy 300 studs away with a melee weapon.
Governor of Verdantine Given to the Verdantine governor.
King of Whitecrest Given to the Whitecrest king.
Ruler of Verner Given to the Verner ruler.
Pirate King Given to the Blackwind leader.

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